Monday, June 14 (virtual)
Tuesday, June 15 (on campus)


This is a fun and informative two-day camp where you'll discover the expanding role pharmacists play in healthcare, and learn some of the skills involvied in practicing as a pharmacist through hands-on experiences.

ONU faculty and students will lead you through Monday's virtual sessions where you will learn how drugs are designed and developed, how to research acurate drug information to solve drug-related problems, and how pharmacists work one-on-one with patients to improve health and manage disease.

During Tuesday's on campus session, you will make personalized medicine in the compounding lab; practice giving immunization injections, and learn how to measure blood pressure and other physical assessment skills.  You'll also tour the college and make a visit to ONU's HealthWise Pharmacy and the Mobile Health Clinic.

Pharmacy 2-Day Summer Camp